St Andrews

Our Church

These are exciting times for the life of our building and Church as we embark on a new chapter in its history. Having stood for over 1,000 years our Church has lived through many centuries of change. The present Church is the product of three medieval centuries of building, and throughout the years the flint tower, with its 127 steps climbing to a height of 90ft, has acted as a beacon and watchtower to the local town and ships out at sea. At the start of 2000 a beacon was lit on the top of the tower as a symbol to mark the new millennium. It was around that time we felt God calling us to bring the Church into the 21’s Century by making the building more appealing and accessible to the wider community. We see this as an integral part of our mission to reach out into the community to make Jesus better known.

See below for the view from our Church Tower.